Why choose us?

With 31+ years of experience in the automotive advertising industry, we've got the power and knowledge to deliver the results you deserve, giving your advertising 9 lives.

-#1 hard sell automotive voice in America

-fast turnaround

-super customer service

-state of the art digital recording studio that delivers best possible audio

-Sink your teeth into automotive advertising that delivers results

-Currently heard in 45 states, the UK,  Canada, and Sweden!

-Other male and female voice talents available upon request

Kyle Scott

Jaguar Creative Audio is the passion of Kyle Scott, aka Buddy Scott, who started “playing radio” at the age of 8. He would walk around the living room with a Radio Shack microphone plugged into his mom’s old record console reading the paper and pretending to be on the radio. He also would hide a transistor radio under his pillow at bedtime and listen to WLS/Chicago. 

His love for radio has not stopped since. His 31 plus years in the broadcasting industry include on air/production director jobs in LaCrosse, Madison, Milwaukee and San Diego, morning traffic on WLS  in Chicago with “Bubba the Love Sponge”, and even a guest appearance with Chuck Woolery on Love Connection, where his date failed miserably.  Kyle has also been "voice coached" by one of the best voice over talents in the biz, Don LaFontaine!

 Eventually, Kyle got too busy to keep his “day job” being a radio announcer on air and started his advertising business full-time.  He loves the process of television commercials production.  Kyle Scott was the off camera announcer/host of 17 network television shows for the Fine Living TV Network,,which is owned by the same company that brings you HGTV, The Travel Channel,The Food Network, DIYTV and The Cooking Channel. From Network TV announcing, to high energy,  hardsell automotive advertising, Kyle can do it all! Claw through the clutter, with Jaguar Creative Audio!